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Cosmology Films
YouTube playback of all our cosmology films in 3D is available here:

Cosmic Origins (2009)

Winner of Best-in-Show award at the 2010 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, San Jose, California.

The links below give access to several versions of the stereoscopic 3D movie "Our Cosmic Origins" first shown at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in July 2009, using the world's first RealD LP Pro switch for polarised projection.

Stereoscopic 3D versions 
Cosmic Origins - 720p Anaglyph (red/green)
an mp4 movie file that should play back on PC or Mac computers. You will need a pair of red-green 3D glasses to see the 3D in this movie.

Stereoscopic 3D Stills from the movie (image pairs).
Cosmic Origins - Stereoscopic 3D Stills from the movie. You can view these with red/green glasses and many other types of 3D displays using the free StereoPhoto Maker software (Windows only).

2D version of the movie
Cosmic Origins - 720p 2D version of the movie (This mp4 file is suitable for playback on a PC or Mac)

The Science
Background on the scientific research behind the movie contents can be found at the Durham Institute for Computational Cosmology.

Cosmic Cookery (2005)

Winner of First Prize in the 2006 vizNET Visualization Showcase

Our paper in SPIE SD&A 2006 describes experience making a short stereoscopic movie visualizing the development of structure in the universe during the 13.7 billion years from the Big Bang to the present day. Aimed at a general audience for the Royal Society's 2005 Summer Science Exhibition, the movie illustrates how the latest cosmological theories based on dark matter and dark energy are capable of producing structures as complex as spiral galaxies and allows the viewer to directly compare observations from the real universe with theoretical results. 3D is an inherent feature of the cosmology data sets and stereoscopic visualization provides a natural way to present the images to the viewer, in addition to allowing researchers to visualize these vast, complex data sets.

The presentation of the movie used passive, linearly polarized projection onto a 2m wide screen but it was also required to playback on a Sharp RD3D display and in anaglyph projection at venues without dedicated stereoscopic display equipment. Additionally lenticular prints were made from key images in the movie. We addressed the following technical challenges during the stereoscopic production process; 1) Controlling the depth presentation, 2) Editing the stereoscopic sequences, 3) Generating compressed movies in display specific formats.

You can view stereoscopic 3D and 2D versions of Cosmic Cookery on YouTube here:

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