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Other software tools
There are an increasing range of software tools available for manipulating and presenting images on 3D displays. Some of those that we have used at DVL are listed below:

Stereophoto Maker
A range of software tools for 3D photography and video are available here:
Stereophoto Maker is one of the tools we use everyday at DVL, it provides editing, presentation and batch processing tools for stereoscopic images and an interface to most 3D displays on the market. The automatic allignment tool is particularly useful for correcting geometric errors in stereo image pairs.

Without the
nVidia stereo display drivers it would be difficult to use many of the 3D displays now on the market. There are two versions the consumer driver and the professional ones for use with the Quadro series cards. We always use the latter to ensure we keep full control over the 3D effect in OpenGL.

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