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Other publications
The publications below are selected books, papers and patents from the literature that we have found useful. If you have other suggestions please email them to the address below.

Benton, S. (2001), "Selected papers on three-dimensional displays",  SPIE Optical Engineering Press, Vol. MS 162, ISBN 9780819438935, 2001.

Dodgson, Neil A. (2003). "Variation and extrema of human interpupillary distance", Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Proc. SPIE 5291: 36-46. Retrieved on 2008-11-20.

Helmholtz, H.V. (1867), "Treatise on physiological optics", Vol. III 1867, reprinted 1955 Thoemmes press, reprinted 2005 Dover press.

Home3D DisplaysHuman 3D VisionCreating 3D ImagesResources