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Stereoscopic OpenGL
These pages describe the specifics involved when implementing both Parallel, and Toed-in camera methods using the commonly available OpenGL graphics programming API. Examples are available in Python and C++.

The two demonstration programs, were written using Python and PyOpenGL – the OpenGL Binding for Python. The original program was sourced from the PyOpenGL demos package and is found in the Stereo folder under Proesch (Peter Roesch). This has been significantly modified, in order to simplify, and correctly implement both Toed-in (Verging) and Parallel Camera setup methods.

The demonstration programs, are freely available for
download. Please refer to the file ‘installing and running PyOpenGL.doc’ for instructions on installing Python, PyOpenGL, and running the demonstrations.

C++ versions of the same software and full instructions for compiling and running them on a Windows PC are available for download also.


Home3D DisplaysHuman 3D VisionCreating 3D ImagesResources